Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Does the Shelter Exist?

I am lost
I stand on the road knowing all I have is myself
I look around for someone to hold me, someone to take me to that shelter they talk about
I look around for a place I will be safe in

In between traffic signals, I come across a pond

I jump into it with other kids
We do not speak, we do not know each other
But, their presence makes me happy
Like me, all they have is the road
We belong to the road

And then the light turns red
Duty calls, I go to a car and see a child my age
The kid is blessed to be wrapped in his mother’s arm
I stand there wondering how it would feel to be protected, to be loved, to have someone who is mine

And then the window rolls down

They look at my pain and comment I am trained to behave like this
I smile, for they would never know my reality
Cause even I do not
A five rupee coin is thrown on me to push me away

I sleep, wondering how different will the next day be
Will I be able to find that shelter
Will the police take me to that shelter
Will my pain go away
Will I ever have someone who is mine

And then a speeding car crashes into me and I am dead
My last thoughts: does the shelter exist?

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