Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Does the Shelter Exist?

I am lost
I stand on the road knowing all I have is myself
I look around for someone to hold me, someone to take me to that shelter they talk about
I look around for a place I will be safe in

In between traffic signals, I come across a pond

I jump into it with other kids
We do not speak, we do not know each other
But, their presence makes me happy
Like me, all they have is the road
We belong to the road

And then the light turns red
Duty calls, I go to a car and see a child my age
The kid is blessed to be wrapped in his mother’s arm
I stand there wondering how it would feel to be protected, to be loved, to have someone who is mine

And then the window rolls down

They look at my pain and comment I am trained to behave like this
I smile, for they would never know my reality
Cause even I do not
A five rupee coin is thrown on me to push me away

I sleep, wondering how different will the next day be
Will I be able to find that shelter
Will the police take me to that shelter
Will my pain go away
Will I ever have someone who is mine

And then a speeding car crashes into me and I am dead
My last thoughts: does the shelter exist?

Monday, 27 June 2011


There was a lot I wanted to say,
A lot I could not say.

Papa you treated me like a princess,
You never said ‘No’ to me.

You gave me all that I asked for,
And yet I never thanked you.

You were a great father,
Forgive me, for I could not be a great daughter.

If I could have another chance,
I would first say 'Thank You’.

And then apologize,
For not being able to save you.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Calling of The Hills

To me, the hills are mine.
They call me,
They calm me.

They tell me,
I should stand strong,
And not allow even the strongest of winds to shake my identity.

They ask me to tell the world,
Only the strongest can touch me,
Yet, no one can move me.

Yes, you can destroy me,
But you cannot move me.

I must confess,
When I climb on top of hills,
I look down on those who are scared.

My ego boasts,
My heart says, 'I understand the hills, I belong to them; you don't!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Day You Didn't Reply To My Voice

I slept uneasy,
I was tired and didn't ask God to protect you,
Forgive me, for I believe had I not been selfish and prayed for your life
You would have been with us.

Instead, I woke up to a silence that shook me.
That was the only day you didn't respond to my voice,
The only day I called papa papa and you didn't open your eyes to look at me,
That day you left us, left us to live without you.

I miss you,
I miss that pure smile,
I miss that selfless aura around me,
I miss saying Papa.

They say, you are with me, you are watching me,
I ask you, if its true then why dont you reply to my voice?
Why dont you place your hand on my head the way you did?
Why did you leave me?
Why didn't you open your eyes when I shouted papa?